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Chris Robinson story - Sept. issue of the Palm Beach Arts Paper
Vocalist Chris Robinson led the popular rock band the Black Crowes through the 1990s and 2000s, and sported a powerful, wide-ranging vocal delivery that made him one of his generation's top popular music singers. But since 2011, his Chris Robinson Brotherhood band has featured funk elements, jazz nuances, and an improvisational jam band ethic that even the Black Crowes -- who may now be permanently flightless because of this subsequent group -- weren't capable of.

Bumblefest story - August 31 issue of Florida Weekly
Not content to be one of the top music promoters in South Florida, Lake Clarke Shores resident Steev Rullman also started publishing his monthly [i]PureHoney[i] magazine six years ago. And with its foldout posters and Soundcloud playlist of local and touring performers, the publication has succeeded where other print efforts fail. Bumblefest, its sixth anniversary party, took place on Sept. 2 along the 500 block of Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach.

Bobby Thomas Jr. story - July issue of Palm Beach Arts Paper
Miami-born Miami resident Bobby Thomas Jr.'s fast percussive hands are best-known for work in Weather Report and with pianist Monty Alexander, but the self-described "bebop hand drummer" now leads The 7th Realm, a talented quintet including saxophonist/flutist Fernando Diez, keyboardist Abel Pabon, bassist James McCoy, and drummer Jermane Dukes.

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Much has changed for singer Chris Robinson since the 1990s, when his commanding voice and presence demanded attention in large-scale venues with one of that decade's biggest bands, the Black Crowes. On hiatus since 2015, largely because of infighting between the singer and his co-founding younger brother, guitarist Rich Robinson, the elder brother has led his funkier, simpatico and ironically-titled band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, since 2011.
Palm Beach County music promoter Steev Rullman also started his monthly publication [i]PureHoney[i] six years ago, and invited Austin, TX-based psych-rock quintet Holy Wave, St. Petersburgh, FL-based swamp-rock trio Pleasures, and more than a dozen local acts to perform for its Bumblefest anniversary party on Sept. 2.
Sixty-two-year-old percussionist Bobby Thomas Jr. played in iconic jazz/fusion band Weather Report from 1980-1982, and he now furthers that group's mix of tradition and transition with his new band, The 7th Realm.