Bill Meredith

"Bill Meredith is a drumming professional - that means he shows up on time; he's learned his parts, and he nails them live. That puts him in the top 1% of musicians I like to work with. Always willing to adapt, stretch, and be part of a team. After 15 years in the music business, I can still count those people on one hand." - Fran Snyder, independent recording artist, North American Collegiate Association (NACA) touring artist, founder of


9/​8 Fri. - Wellington Trace Tavern, Wellington FL 9 pm-1 am w/​The Cravens

9/​9 Sat. - Pig Sty BBQ, Boynton Beach FL 7:30-10:30 pm w/​The Cravens

9/​10 Sun. - Voltaire, West Palm Beach FL 9 pm-midnight w/​The Dead Beat Daddies

9/​22 Fri. - Kelsey Theater, Lake Park FL (Inspirit benefit) 10:15-11 pm w/​900 Seconds

Selected Works

Much has changed for singer Chris Robinson since the 1990s, when his commanding voice and presence demanded attention in large-scale venues with one of that decade's biggest bands, the Black Crowes. On hiatus since 2015, largely because of infighting between the singer and his co-founding younger brother, guitarist Rich Robinson, the elder brother has led his funkier, simpatico and ironically-titled band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, since 2011.
Palm Beach County music promoter Steev Rullman also started his monthly publication [i]PureHoney[i] six years ago, and invited Austin, TX-based psych-rock quintet Holy Wave, St. Petersburgh, FL-based swamp-rock trio Pleasures, and more than a dozen local acts to perform for its Bumblefest anniversary party on Sept. 2.
Sixty-two-year-old percussionist Bobby Thomas Jr. played in iconic jazz/fusion band Weather Report from 1980-1982, and he now furthers that group's mix of tradition and transition with his new band, The 7th Realm.