Bill Meredith

"Bill Meredith is a drumming professional - that means he shows up on time; he's learned his parts, and he nails them live. That puts him in the top 1% of musicians I like to work with. Always willing to adapt, stretch, and be part of a team. After 15 years in the music business, I can still count those people on one hand." - Fran Snyder, independent recording artist, North American Collegiate Association (NACA) touring artist, founder of


9/​1 Sat. - Swampgrass Willy's, Palm Beach Gardens FL 9-10 pm w/​Monty Warren & the Friggin' Whatevers

9/​28 Fri. - Brass Monkey, Lake Worth FL 9 pm-1 am w/​The Cravens

9/​29 Sat. - Shea's Pub, Port St. Lucie FL 9 pm-1 am w/​The Cravens

Selected Works

A retired attorney and grandfather living in a condo on Hillsboro Beach, FL, Jesse Finkelstein doesn't seem like a blues man. Yet he delivers the authentic American style of music, played live, around the country on the Internet and around the world via shortwave radio.
Formed in Chicago in 1988, the Smashing Pumpkins became one of the memorable bands of the 1990s through singer, guitarist and band leader Billy Corgan's introspective lyrics, alternate guitar tunings, and a mix of metallic and alt-rock styles. On July 24 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, it was largely Corgan who proved why the band's reach exceeded its '90s grasp.
The fourth iteration of the Bamboo Room -- the Phoenix Charity Bar at the Bamboo Room -- opened in Lake Worth, FL, on June 8. Proprietors Stephen Werkle, Dan Popejoy and Michael LaMorte presented a hodgepodge of local acts including the metallic Space Coast Ghosts, indie rockers Static Momentum, country act the Tom Blake Band, and different variations on pop in Lavola and Lindsey Mills.